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HD Mirror Assembly on IC Conventional Bus

Custom Assembly Kits

HD Cross View

For the very best in integrated custom assemblies that synergistically compliment your vehicles, talk to us about an ideal solution. If you don't see a configuration for your model in the list below, please contact Mirror Lite customer service, to see if one is available. If not, we can design a custom assembly package to match the needs of any medium or large sized fleet.

IC CE 3800 Series Bus

MLC Part # Kit Description
180-370 Black Non-Heated HD
180-380 Black Heated HD
180-390 Stainless HD
180-395 Stainless Heated HD

Blue Bird D3 Series Bus

MLC Part # Kit Description
220-370 Black Non-Heated HD
220-380 Black Heated HD
220-390 Stainless HD
220-395 Stainless Heated HD