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Photo of HD and VisorMount assembly on IC Bus

The High Definition (HD)™

Cross View Mirror for the School Bus

The new High Definition™ or HD™ Cross View Mirror exceeds all expectations for image picture in the Danger Zone. The mirror's high performance lens provides a less distorted and more recognizable image picture, giving drivers the visual feedback they need when peforming those critical loading and unloading procedures.

Convex Evolution Continues

With the aid of computer technology, the High Definition's advanced performance lens was designed to maximize the view around the school bus while minimizing the reflected image of the vehicle itself. Unlike most convex mirrors, the HD's lens is designed with two convex focal points. This "Bi-Optical " design provides greater size, clarity and image recognition of those objects in the danger zone. This benefit makes the HD the perfect cross view mirror for those critical School Bus applications.

School bus pros speak out about the HD™ on the Testamonials page.

The Industry's First "Bi-Optical Lens"

Unlike other convex lenses, the HD's precision lens combines a pair of focal points to seamlessly concentrate enhanced visibility where you need it the most. The areas of enlargement are around the reflected image of the bus while the bus image itself is diminished.

Hi-Definition™ Mirror Heads

Part # Description
BBHD-370 Tunnel Mount Non-Htd
BBHD-380 Tunnel Mount Heated
BBHD-380i IC-Only Tunnel Mount, Heated
SC-370 Ball Stud Non-Htd
SC-380 Ball Stud, Heated
52-370 Bus Boy Bracket, Non-Htd
52-380 Bus Boy Bracket, Heated
52-380 Bus Boy Bracket, Heated
The "Bi-optical" Convex Image

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Other HD Applications