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The ViewMaster®

Single Housing Rear View Mirror

A convenient and compact transit style rear view system featuring manual or remote-controlled adjustment. Sporting a uniquely shaped and powerful convex lens the ViewMaster reaches further down and into the danger zone along the sides of the bus.

ViewMaster™ Heads

Part # Description

Two Mirror System

120-10 Black, Non-Heated
120-20 Black, Heated
120-30 Black, Non-Heated, Remote
120-40 Black, Heated, Remote

Left Hand Mirror Head

121-10 LH, Black, Non-Heated
121-20 LH, Black, Heated
121-30 LH, Black, Non-Heated, Remote
121-40 LH, Black, Heated, Remote

Right Hand Mirror Head

122-10 RH, Black, Non-Heated
122-20 RH, Black, Heated
122-30 RH, Black, Non-Heated, Remote
122-40 RH, Black, Heated, Remote