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As a leader in mirror technology for commercial and public transportation vehicles, Mirror Lite exists to ensure these fleets are equipped with the highest performing vision-enhancing safety systems possible.

Behind the Company..


Established in 1956 by inventor John Schmidt, the Mirror Lite Company took its earliest steps as a small mirror silvering concern in Detroit. It wasn't long before the company began developing automotive grade mirrors for the transportation industry, including spot and rear view mirrors for the Twin Pines Dairy Company's delivery fleet along with several other truck fleets. But it was the unique and critical safety challanges of the school bus that inspired the company's passion for advanced lens design.
By the late 1980s, Mirror Lite had become the nation's leading producer of school bus mirrors, having introduced a procession of revolutionary products which have evolved and improved to this day.
In 2001, Mirror Lite was awarded a worldwide GSA contract with the Department of Defense for the production of shatter-resistant, high impact mirror systems for military vehicles used in the Gulf war.
Today, Mirror Lite innovations continue to drive and influence competing vendors in the school bus, truck and other markets.

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