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Component-Level Engineering

Serviceability in the Real World

If there's one thing a fleet garage appreciates in vehicles and equipment, its serviceability.

That's the goal of the Mirror Lite engineering team. Make it serviceable, make it durable, make it right. Thats why Mirror Lite's products are built upon a component-level model, where every part is easy to isolate for replacement or repair, and with a minimal amount of bench time. In fact, most systems can undergo common repairs without removing them from the bus - and with no special tools. This modular construction saves both time and money.

Photo of Twist-Lok Lens Tray

Serviceability Wins Friends

“Very good design, very user friendly. As a shop foreman, if the whole bus was designed this good, my job would be very easy.”

Danny R. Davis, Shop Forman
Peach County, GA

Lens replacement is a snap with built-in disposable lens trays. A shattered lens can be safely removed and discarded, thanks to our lens tray's adhesive retention system. The new lens tray and included lens are snapped in place without the need to remove the mirror housing from the vehicle.

  • Simple Screwdriver Servicing - No Special Tools Required
  • No Need to Remove Mirror from Vehicle
  • No More Handling Broken Glass!
  • Save Time Now, Money in the Long Haul
  • Extended Lifecycle Slows Environmental Stresses