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The Fang™

Advanced, Dual Purpose Blind Spot Mirror

Most spot mirrors address a very limited area missed by the standard equipment mirrors. The Fang is different. Its exceptional convex lens not only reaches out over multiple lanes of traffic, but allows for close-in and generous vertical views at the same time. Due to its unique lens design, the Fang produces larger, taller object reflections than were previously possible in a compact mirror housing.

The Fang is an over-achieving spot mirror that can also function as a rear view mirror. Some drivers have replaced their 10 x 16" and 8" round spot mirror combinations with one Fang and enjoyed vastly improved imaging. Drivers will not only clearly recognize objects around the vehicle, but will also see into former “blind spots”. As a bonus, most rigs will benefit from a complete view of the trailer in backing jackknife maneuvers!

Whether fender-mounted or used as a high performance spot and rearview mirror in one, The Fang will give you the extended vision you never thought possible on the road.

High Performance Spot Mirrors

Part # Description
70-100R Fang, Right, Black, Ballstud
70-100L Fang, Left, Black, Ballstud
70-101R Fang Right, Black, Ballstud, Heated
70-101L Fang, Left, Black, Ballstud, Heated